Apply for a Grant

The Trust has introduced a new online application process for both grant programmes which can be accessed via the links below.  Hard copy and email applications will not be processed.  We recommend that applicants first read about the Trust’s general philosophy and policy areas before applying for funding to ensure that their grant application is eligible.

Small Grants Main Grants

The Application Guidelines document and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are also essential reading and can be found on the right of this page.

Applicants should understand that with the limited funds available in both programmes, the Trustees have to be highly selective and are unable to assist all organisations that apply.

Grant Programmes

Main Grant Programme

This programme has a minimum grant level of £4,000.  Applications will be considered by the Trustees at Grant Distribution Meetings twice a year.  Within this programme the Trustees will fund a limited number of term grants of 2 or 3 years.  Please see information about application deadlines below.

Small Grant Programme

A very limited Small Grant Programme has been established for grants of up to £4,000 for small projects with a preference for support to small and medium sized charities.  Applications for this programme are assessed on a quarterly basis although there are no fixed deadlines for submissions.

Who can apply

The Trustees welcome relevant applications from independent organisations recognised as charitable by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator in Scotland (OSCR) or by the Charity Commission in England and Wales.

Applications from small and medium sized charities are strongly encouraged, but this does not exclude larger charities.  Applicants should hold reasonable but not excessive free reserves, unless there is a particular reason for holding a higher level.

The Trustees can only consider projects operating in Scotland.

Application deadlines

Main Grant Programme

Current deadline for online applications = Friday 1st September 2017 (for decision at the Trustee meeting late November 2017).
Next deadline for online applications = Friday 23rd February 2018 (for decision at the Trustee meeting late May 2018).

There are two decision meetings a year (November and May) and their deadlines will be approximately 12 weeks prior (typically late August/ early September and late February/ early March).  During this assessment period the Main Grants Programme will be closed to new applications and this webpage will be updated accordingly.    

Small Grant Programme

You can apply for grants up to £4,000 under this programme, and they are assessed on a quarterly basis.  There are no fixed deadlines for application submissions, however decisions may take up to 12 weeks.

Application information

The Trust now operates an online application process.  Please read the Application Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) PDF documents.  The points below summarise the type of information you will be required to supply:

  • A brief description of the organisation’s background, aims and objectives, and current activities/services and achievements
  • A full description of the project requiring funding – what do you want to do, who will be involved, where and when will it take place and how will it be managed? Which aspect are you applying to this Trust for?
  • How have you identified the need for this work?
  • What difference or changes will the project make in people’s skills, knowledge, feelings or behaviour (i.e. what are the projected outcomes)?
  • What activities/services will you carry out to achieve these changes (ie what key targets have you set – whenever possible these should be numerical)?
  • How do you intend to monitor and evaluate the work so that you know whether or not you have been successful?
  • What is the proposed timetable for the project?
  • What are the project costs and budget?

Useful advice

Potential applicants are welcome to contact the Trust Manager, Sarah Wright, for informal advice and if they are uncertain how to proceed with an application. Contact us.

Useful information for charities operating in Scotland can be obtained from OSCR – the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator at and helpful advice on monitoring, evaluation and reporting can be obtained from Evaluation Support Scotland at