What we fund

**UPDATE: Following an internal Policy review, the Trust will be re-launching its Policy areas and grant eligibility criteria in mid-January 2019. Please return to this website again soon**

The Trust operates one Main Grants Programme for grants over £4,000. Applications must fit within one of the four policy areas described below and be for services operating in Scotland. As of 24 September 2018 the Small Grants Programme is no longer running.

The Trustees will fund a variety of charities that:

1. Support people living with arthritis or cancer
The Trust will assist a range of projects supporting people living with arthritis or cancer.  Although there are no restrictions on the type of project that can be considered, the Trust does have an interest in schemes that assist with self-management and those that help people live with their condition.  The Trust has, however, discontinued its assistance to hospices.

2. Help disabled people, including those affected by physical disability, visual impairment or illness
Priorities include:
a) Advice, support, welfare benefit schemes
b) Information, awareness and self-management/education
c) Employment and life-skills training

3. Help people living with mental health issues or learning disabilities
Priorities are the same as those listed above.

4. Assist with the education and training of disadvantaged people
The Trust will consider projects working with people aged 16 and above who have left school.  Priority will be given to schemes which provide basic skills or improve employment prospects, such as life-skills, ICT, literacy and numeracy.  Activities involving sports, arts and the environment may be considered only where appropriate.

What we do not fund

There are, however, a number of areas and activities which the Trustees have decided that they are unable to support:

  • Organisations that are not formally recognised as charities
  • Organisations under the control of the UK or Scottish Government
  • Projects which are primarily intended to promote political or religious beliefs
  • Individuals – including students
  • Expeditions, overseas travel or international projects
  • Projects outside Scotland
  • General appeals or circulars, including contributions to endowment funds
  • Statutory requirements of local authorities, hospitals, schools, universities and colleges
  • Medical research
  • Clinical work within hospitals
  • Animal welfare
  • The breeding and training of assistance/guide dogs for blind/disabled people
  • The bricks and mortar aspect of capital projects
  • Initiatives focused on sports, arts or the environment except where the subject is being used as a vehicle to engage with one of the Trust’s core policy groups
  • Normal youth club activities

Please also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which can be found as a PDF document on the webpage Applying for a grant