About the Trust

The Trust was established in 1954 by a testamentary deed and is managed by a Board of Trustees. The funds available for charitable use came from both investments and income from property in Leith built by Mr Samuel Hunter, Miss Hunter’s father.

Following the sale of the Trust’s property portfolio in Edinburgh during 2016, the proceeds have been invested in a stock market and securities portfolio. The income generated enables the Trustees to carry out the specified wishes of Miss Hunter who sought to assist registered charities addressing health and soial welfare concerns.

However, Miss Hunter gave the Trustees wide discretion to work within and beyond these aims. Today, funding support is offered to services in Scotland that assist and empower disabled people, and to charities delivering education and training to disadvantaged people.

All intending applicants should refer to the What we fund page and the Restrictions page of the website to ensure that their application is eligible for funding.

Grant decision meetings are held by the Board twice a year in May/June and November. At present, the Board comprises six Trustees including the Chair:

Walter Thomson (Chair)
Keith Burdon
Alison Campbell
Elaine Crichton
Norman Dunning
John Hume

Trust Manager
Sarah Wright


Trustees Annual Report and Accounts

Download our most recent Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts